L.J. Williamson

About L.J. Williamson


"Her voice is great--sharp, slightly snarky, smart, and funny."

L.J. Williamson is an award-winning features writer, on the masthead at L.A. Weekly and a regular contributor to The Los Angeles Times, with credits from The Christian Science Monitor, Salon, Utne, Sunset, Babble.com, and other local and national publications. L.J. has been a guest on several radio programs, including KPCC's Off Ramp, The Marc Steiner Show, Marketplace, Pacific Drift, and the television series “Penn & Teller: Bullshit!" on Showtime.


Praise for L.J. Williamson:


“Brilliant... I’m your fan.”

- Susie Bright

“Her name is gold in the editorial department.”

- Matt Welch, Los Angeles Times

“A worthy opponent.”

- Heather Havrilesky, Salon.com